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PeakEmployee combines pulse employee surveys and machine learning to quickly and accurately assist you in identifying and remedying workforce engagement and retention issues that are impacting your business

Pulse Feedback Technology

Industry leading response rates to our patent pending pulse assessment is just one of the reasons PeakEmployee is leading the charge in revolutionizing employee retention insights. Your employees will find the ease of use of our assessments both engaging and rewarding. Send a pulse daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever makes sense for your organization.

You can optionally combine the data we collect with data from your systems to enable machine learning that builds a prediction model for employee retention.

Predictive Analytics

Be the first person to understand employee sentiment shifts and growing retention risks in your company. You’ll be the smartest person in the room with on-demand access to retention predictions, people manager analytics, and real-time reccomendations related to sentiment shift, along with other metrics vital to the success of your business.

Need to identify your next generation of leaders? Want to know if you have retention risks within teams at your NYC office? How about if your IT department feels like sticking around? Need to know which areas of your company are struggling with implementing Corporate Strategy? We’ll tell you all of this and more. Slice and dice at will.

20 Minute Work Week

Let us walk you through data analysis and recommendations online in a simple to use "20 Minute Work Week". Our algorithms will analyze, predict, and recommend actions for your team. Examples of recommendations include rewarding a people manager for exceptionally satisfied employees, offering coaching assistance to a struggling people manager, or communicating a corporate strategy to a particular division.

Get a big picture feel for the pulse of the entire company or drill down into a growing issue to understand the players involved and what the employees are saying about it (anonymously).

Need to understand why you have a churn problem in a particular office? Want to identify top performing managers with the click of a button? Identify teams with at risk employees before they jump ship? Measure employee satisfaction at the corp, division, or group level on demand? What about the warehouse workers in your Raleigh office? Want to understand what divisions are feeling misaligned to corporate strategy? We can help.

Verbatim Explorer & Analysis

Let us save you time by analyzing text feedback from your employees and extracting the meaningful phrases so that you can quickly identify and drill into areas of concern. No more wading through hundreds or thousands of employee comments. We’ll get you to key issues fast and help you to understand the problems then break it down by org and timeframe.

People Manager Analytics

50% of all voluntary employee exits cite their immediate manager as the primary cause. Real-time monitoring and reporting gives you insights into how best to assist People Managers to help engage and retain their employees. With Manager Analysis you can now understand in real-time how People Managers are performing according to their employees, how they rank as a People Manager relative to other managers in both the org and company. Read what their direct reports are saying, understand how “sticky” employees are under their management style, and help shape training and promotion opportunities based on this awesome information.

Enterprise Goal Tracking

Set and track goal progress for your workforce. Need to decrease turnover on your sales force? IT? Set a goal. They can be as simple or complicated as you like. Want to raise Morale? Set a goal. Want to retain more IT employees that are Veterans in your San Jose office? You can set that goal too.

Rewards Management

Reward your employees for responding to their pulse assessment with configurable points you can manage and redeem right on our platform or integrate into your existing rewards system.

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