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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does PeakEmployee work?

A. We send customized pulse assessments to your employees on a time schedule that you set, collect the data, and run it through powerful algorithms to understand what is changing at your company, the players involved, and how it is affecting engagement, turnover, and customer centricity at your company. Within a short period of time we will hone in on the pulse of your workforce and will begin providing valuable data and recommendations.

Q. How do employees register?

A. An email invitation takes them to the website and a simple one-time registration process. For enterprise companies we can provide an import process and/or HRIS integration.

Q. Do employees need to login to take a pulse assessment?

A. No.

Q. How long does it take to begin seeing meaningful data?

A. Once you have 5+ employees taking the core retention assessment you should start to see enough data to view and digest reports. Within 90 days or 3 recurring assessments you should consider enabling additional features such as employee tenure prediction.

Q. Is this tool only for HR?

A. No! If you want to use it for your team or division at your company you can certainly do that. It does not have to be administered by HR for any specific reason. If HR wants to take over the account later on they can either sign up for their own account or you can add them as an Administrator on your account, no problem.

Q. Is your system mobile friendly for employees?

A. Yes! Our assessments work exceptionally well on mobile devices, PCs, and tablets and take 60 seconds or less to complete.

Q. What data does PeakEmployee need from my company?

A. During sign-up we gather the core information we need. For companies wishing to improve their retention forecasting we ask that you upload a CSV file every quarter or so with employee exit dates to help us train the prediction model for your industry and company.

Q. What is special about PeakEmployee versus a survey company?

A. PeakEmployee specializes in employee retention. From that perspective we marry your data with a best in class retention forecasting model that combined with organizational and historical knowledge enables us to understand a great deal about your company, it's employees, how they view your company, and how it affects turnover. We then use Machine Learning to better understand how those factors are changing and impacting retention. This data is used to make predictions and recommendations in concerns to your workforce, locations, and management on an ongoing basis.

Q. How do I enable employee tenure prediction reporting?

A Visit Account Management > Machine Learning. Once we have enough data to accurately predict tenure at your organization this number will begin to show in your Analytics reports.

Q. What makes you different from the other "Pulses" on the market?

A. We start with our Patented Pulse Feedback Interface whose innovative design garners greater response rates than existing solutions but we don't end there. Unlike other "Pulses" on the market we do not simply report on the results of the Pulse we utilize the employee generated feedback to drive our Predictive Analytic Algorithms.

Q. Can I report on a specific office or division?

A. Yes, you can report by location, division, goal, tag, tenure, age, gender, and more.

Q. Can I have multiple, recurring, pulse assessments?

A. Yes! You can send multiple pulses with custom questions and data points targeted to different segments within your employee population (location, gender, age, tenure, tags, org, etc).

Q. Can I send a one time assessment?

A. Yes.

Q. For our “Core Retention Assessment” do we have to use your data points/questions in order to gain the insights PeakEmployee offers?

A. No, but in order to provide you with the best analysis we do recommend you use certain data points such as “Manager Effectiveness” and “Employee Satisfaction” for a richer reporting experience.

Q. Our employees move around alot. Will your system be able to keep track of their location and manager accurately?

A. Yes! We can require that an employee quickly confirm this info prior to taking a pulse.

Q. How do we measure success with PeakEmployee?

A. Using our goal tracking you can combine different weighted data points to form the basis for achieving a goal and track that data over time. For instance, you may have a goal of increasing retention for your engineers. You can set that goal as the weighted average of the data points that you collect from those employees and track the results over time.

Q. Do you allow employees to leave text feedback in their pulse assessment?

A. Yes, employees have the option to leave feedback.

Q. We have 30,000 employees. How can I be expected to read all of the employee feedback that is coming through?

A. You can’t! Which is why we created text analysis tools designed to extract themes and also make it easy to drill into specific feedback and issues.

Q. How many employees does it take to achieve accurate predictions?

A. For employee tenure predictions specific to your company you must have uploaded exit data on at least 14 employees (that have taken your Core Retention Assessment in the past) and have since left your company. For industry specific employee retention predictions you do not have to upload any individual employee end dates but the predictions may not be as accurate. Note that industry specific predictions are only available when enough industry data has accumulated across shared data points to assist our machine learning with your company’s tenure predictions.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Due to the nature of our service we do not offer refunds but you can cancel your subscription at anytime and your services will continue up until your next billing cycle at which time it will be stopped. To cancel your subscription please contact support.

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